Wouter Middelbos | Personal Training
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Personal Trainer.

With more then 10 years of experience I know how to coach. Being an athlete myself (professional judoka for 10 years and powerlifter right now) I’m always in search for the best way to progress and be in shape.
I’ve worked with a wide variety of clients and I have always succeeded in reaching there goals one way or the other.

Hiring me as a personal trainer means a commitment from both sides. Thus it always starts with a conversation.

Stories and Results

Jacob Derwig Actor.

My director asked me if I was able to get bigger for a part. This question brought me to Wouter. I needed to look like a criminal who survived and thrived in jail for 8 years.

Wouter’s approach is on a different level. I trained with personal trainers before but his approach was with a deeper knowledge, more thorough and across all the needed areas. Nutrition, lifestyle and programming.

I gained 8 kg for the role. I’m lucky to call Wouter my trainer.

Jacob KLEM

John Burant, Strategic Research Coordinator.

Shortly after I turned 41, I decided to make an investment in my body. I’d been waking up with a sore back every day for three years. I’d tried everything from chiropractic and physical therapy to massage. They would help a bit but weren’t self-sustaining.

After 8 months of steady and smart work I never have any back pain. I have better posture, feel much stronger and more energetic. So I’d call that succes.

Wouter’s approach is a mix of deep theoretical knowledge and practical applications to my personal preference and situation. All-in-all, Wouter’s guidance has been invaluable and has been a great partner in helping me get my body back in shape.